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print this documentDocument ID:2007121014212260
Last Modified:01/04/2010

Symantec Ghost does not recognize an external USB hard drive

Situation:You would like to take an image of a computer's hard disk and save it directly to an external USB hard drive. In the DOS / 16 bit environment, Ghost does not show the external USB drive as an option for where to store the image.

Solution:Check each of the sections below:

Add some command line switches.

Try the command line switches: -NOIDE -NOUSB -FNI -FFX
Note: If -noUSB doesn't work try -FORCEUSB
Note: the -noUSB tells ghost to leave USB handling to the bio's and -forceUSB tells Ghost to take over USB handling and ignore the Bio's.

Are you using a laptop with a docking station?

Try using the USB drive with the laptop disconnected from the docking station.

Can you see the drive in DOS?

If you boot to DOS, does the drive show up? If not, try a different version of DOS such as MS-DOS. See the document : "How to import MS-DOS into Symantec Ghost" located at :

Can you see the drive when booted into Windows PE?

Windows PE boot media can resolve most USB issues. Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 and later support creating WIndows PE boot disks through the Ghost Boot Wizard.

Select the Ghost option to 'Override BIOS USB.'

In the Ghost Boot Disk Wizard, there is an option to select 'Override BIOS USB.'

Disable 'Legacy USB Support' in the BIOS

Boot to the BIOS and look for a setting to the effect of 'Legacy USB Support.' Turn this off.

Are you using a USB hub?

Try your operation again without using a USB hub.

Is there more than one USB port on your computer?

Try a different port.

Are you using two types of USB?

If you are using some devices that work with USB 1.x and others that work with USB 2.0, try picking one type of USB device and disconnect all devices using the other.

Does your USB hard drive require special software in Windows?

Some hard drives require special software that can only run in Windows. If this is the case, the USB hard drive will not work with Ghost in the DOC environment.

You may be able to get access when using Ghost in conjunction with Windows PE.
Refer to the document "How to build a Windows PE CD/DVD that contains Ghost32.exe and then join a client machine to a Ghost Cast Server session to create or restore an image file." at URL:

Does the USB drive have a Firewire port as well?

If so try connecting via firewire to the back panel firewire port instead of using USB.

print this documentDocument ID:2007121014212260
Last Modified:01/04/2010

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Product(s): Symantec Ghost 8.0, Symantec Ghost 8.2, Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 1.0, Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 1.1, Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.0
Operating Systems(s): Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003
Date Created: 12/10/2007

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