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Last Modified:09/16/2008

How can Symantec Ghost be used to execute commands on client computers?

Situation:The Ghost Console has the ability to execute a command on one or more client computers using a Console task. Such a task does not require that you visit each client machine.

Solution:The "Execute Command" option in the task menu allows you to run commands remotely from the Ghost Console.

To use the Execute Command task:

    1. Create a Task and select Execute Command (for versions 11.0 and earlier) or Software and File Actions (for version 11.5)
    2. On the 'Execute Command' tab, in the 'Command field', type the command you wish to execute. For example:

    Command : notepad

    If you have arguments, they should be placed in the 'Argument' field. For example:

    Command : shutdown
    ent : /r

    Note: The maximum number of characters that can be entered in the 'Argument' field is 255. This includes spaces.

    3. Run the Task to execute the remote command.

Executing more complicated commands:
    If you find that you need to run a more complicated command, consider using a batch file to run as a script. In Ghost, you could then transfer the batch file with the 'Transfer Files' option in the Ghost Console. In such a Console task, specify that you want to run the batch file using the 'Execute Command' feature. During the task, the batch file will be transferred first, and then it will be run as a command. Note: If your batch file requires executables that are not available on the target machines, set up the Console task to transfer those files along with the batch file.

print this documentDocument ID:2007296451091898
Last Modified:09/16/2008

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Date Created: 01/12/2007

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