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print this documentDocument ID:1998081913085625
Last Modified:03/04/2004

Introduction to Ghost Walker™

Situation:This document discusses the Ghost Walker program.

Solution:After you write an image to a computer, Ghost Walker updates configuration items such as the computer name and Security Identifier (SID).

Ghost Walker is run in one of two ways:
  • By running the file Ghstwalk.exe in a DOS environment. Ghstwalk.exe is usually run from a floppy disk at the computer that you just wrote a disk or partition image to.
  • By adding a defined Configuration to a Task in Ghost Enterprise Console, or by checking the SID Change option in Ghost Enterprise Console, or both. Ghost changes the configuration information when you execute the Task. Ghost performs the parts of the Task in the following order. Note that each of these parts is optional, and is defined by the Task options:
    1. Wake up the computer. This is the Wake on LAN option.
    2. Write the image to the client computer. Ghost automatically restarts the computer into the hidden Ghost partition so that the image can be written while the computer is in a DOS environment.
    3. Change the configuration information as it restarts the computer into the new partition.
    4. Transfer files to the computer. This is the File Transfer option.
    5. Execute files that are located on the client computer. This is the Command option.

SID changes
Ghost Walker generates a statistically unique SID for each Windows NT computer or a Windows 2000 computer so that it appears to have assumed a new unique identity to a Windows NT or Windows 2000 server. Although Ghost changes the SID in many locations, it might not change the SID in all locations. For instance, if the cloned computer includes a compressed registry file, Ghost will not open the compressed file to change the instances of the SID within that file. Ghost will also not change a SID that is embedded in the name of a directory or file.

print this documentDocument ID:1998081913085625
Last Modified:03/04/2004

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Product(s): Symantec Ghost 7.0, Symantec Ghost 7.5, Symantec Ghost 8.0
Operating Systems(s): Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Date Created: 08/19/1998

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