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Last Modified:06/02/2005

Error: "Error 19913 Unable to start TCP/IP" during startup

Situation:When starting a client computer with a bootable floppy disk that you created in Ghost Boot Wizard or Ghost Multicast Assist Wizard, you see the message "Error 19913 Unable to start TCP/IP."

Solution:To resolve the problem, reconfigure the Ghost server computer so that it uses a fixed IP address.

This problem happens when the Ghost server computer is configured to use DHCP (instead of a static IP address), and there is no DHCP server on the local area network.

Alternate causes and solutions
  • This may be due to a combination of the DOS version and the BIOS settings. If so, resolve the problem by disabling the Plug and Play setting in the computer's BIOS and using MS DOS on the Ghost bootable floppy disk rather than PC DOS.
  • This may also happen if one of the Boot Devices in the BIOS is set to "Network Boot". If this is the case, disable the option or move Network Boot so it is the last Boot Device option.
  • This also happens with DHCP and the latest driver for the 3Com 3C905B-TX network interface card, version 5.4 (the driver file is To resolve the problem, replace version 5.4 with version 5.03.
  • This also happens when using an old driver for the Xircom network interface card. To resolve the problem, install the latest Xircom driver.

    Symantec provides the following information as an aid to proper NIC driver installation. This information is a suggestion only, and is not intended to replace information from your NIC manufacturer or from Microsoft.
    To install an Xircom driver
    1. Download the DOS drivers for the Xircom card from the Xircom Website at
    2. Create a new folder and copy the downloaded Xircom file into the new folder.
    3. Run the file. This will decompress it, adding one or more files to the same folder.
    4. Add a new template to the Ghost Boot Wizard, or edit an existing template to use the new drivers. See the document How to add or modify NIC templates for Ghost Multicast Assist or Ghost Boot Wizard.
    5. Create a new bootable floppy disk with Ghost Boot Wizard. When choosing the drivers, choose the drivers that you added or edited in Step 4.

    When done, check the Autoexec.bat file on the bootable floppy disk to ensure that it loads the new driver file, instead of the old driver file.

print this documentDocument ID:2000093014160525
Last Modified:06/02/2005

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Product(s): Symantec Ghost 7.0, Symantec Ghost 7.5
Operating Systems(s): DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows ME, Novell NetWare, Windows XP
Date Created: 09/30/2000

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