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print this documentDocument ID:2004071411243425
Last Modified:01/04/2005

Computer reboots after attaching a USB flash drive

Situation:When you attach, or plug-in, a USB flash drive to a computer that has the Ghost Client installed, the computer reboots. You may also see a blue screen error message that states "Stop 0x00000035 NO_MORE_IRP_STACK_LOCATIONS."

Solution:This problem is caused by a flaw in the GhMon.sys file. A new version of the file is available, and can be downloaded by clicking the following attachment.


To replace the file on your computer
  1. Rename the original GhMon.sys file in the \WINDOWS\system32\drivers folder to GhMon.old.
  2. Copy the new version of the file to the same folder.
  3. Create an image of the model computer with the GhMon.sys file included, then apply the new image to other computers.

Technical Information:Note that USB flash drives are known by many different names, including, but not limited to the following:
  • Thumb drive
  • Flash RAM drive
  • Memory stick
  • Memory card reader

Some portable MP3 players, and digital voice recorders can also double as USB flash drives.

Basically, any small storage device that you plug into a USB port, and that doesn't have a disk drive attached (Hard disk, CD-ROM, DVD, other removable media), can be considered a USB flash drive. The main qualifiers are that it uses flash RAM to store data, and it plugs into a USB port.

print this documentDocument ID:2004071411243425
Last Modified:01/04/2005

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Product(s): Symantec Ghost 8.0
Operating Systems(s): Windows 2000, Windows XP
Date Created: 07/14/2004

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