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print this documentDocument ID:2002061211213625
Last Modified:09/22/2005

Ghost and Toshiba laptop computers

Situation:When you restore an image file to a Toshiba laptop computer, Symantec Ghost stops responding. When you run GDisk at the Toshiba laptop from a CD-ROM, the program takes longer than normal and you no longer see a drive letter for the CD drive.

Solution:This problem is due to the manner in which Ghost interacts with the computer to access the drives:
  • To prevent Ghost from stopping, run Ghost with the -FNI switch each time you run Ghost at that computer.
  • To prevent problems with GDisk, use the -I switch each time you run GDisk at that computer. Note that this switch uses the letter i.

Both of these switches disable direct IDE access, forcing Ghost to use a different method for accessing the drives.

If Ghost tries to load on a Toshiba computer and the computer stops responding at a blank gray screen, use the -NOUSB switch with the Ghost or Gdisk commands.

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print this documentDocument ID:2002061211213625
Last Modified:09/22/2005

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Product(s): Symantec Ghost 7.5, Symantec Ghost 8.0, Symantec Ghost 8.2, Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 1.0
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Date Created: 06/12/2002

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