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print this documentDocument ID:1998082409200225
Last Modified:07/31/2006

Error: "15175 - Invalid cluster" while creating or restoring an image

Situation:While using Ghost to create or restore an image, you see the error message: "(15175) Invalid cluster."

Solution:Most instances of this error have been addressed in updates to Ghost. Download the latest version of Ghost and see whether the problem still occurs.

For information on Ghost versions, see the document How to determine your version of Ghost.

Other causes and solutions
This error also happens when you save an image to an invalid location, such as a drive or directory to which you do not have the proper rights or to a drive or partition that has not been formatted.

This problem has also been seen when running Ghost from the same disk or partition that you want to create an image of. This is a recursive operation and fails. Run Ghost from a floppy disk or from a partition that you are not creating an image of.

If the latest version of Ghost does not resolve the problem, and you know that the other situations do not apply, run Scandisk or Norton Disk Doctor with a thorough surface test to verify the integrity of the drive. If the drive checks out OK, then Ghost is probably not using the correct access method for detecting the geometry of the drive. See the document Interpreting and Using the GHSTSTAT.DMP Diagnostic File for information on determining and implementing the correct access method for your system.

print this documentDocument ID:1998082409200225
Last Modified:07/31/2006

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Product(s): Norton Ghost 2003, Symantec Ghost 7.0, Symantec Ghost 7.5, Symantec Ghost 8.0
Operating Systems(s): DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000
Date Created: 08/24/1998

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