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Last Modified:05/14/2009

What is the Teefer2 driver?

Solution:The Teefer2 driver is responsible for capturing all network traffic entering or leaving a particular interface so that the packets may be passed to the personal firewall component of the SEP 11.0 client for analysis.
The Teefer2 driver works, in tandem with its associated miniport driver.
The Teefer2 driver runs in kernel mode, and passes information over to the teefer.dll for user mode operations.
Since all in- and outbound traffic is filtered through this driver, firewall rules are applied to all traffic passing through it.

Please note that it is not possible to disable the Teefer2 driver without removing SEP 11's firewall component.

References:More information on the Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 Firewall can be found in the Client Guide documentation.

print this documentDocument ID:2007110710201148
Last Modified:05/14/2009

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Product(s): Endpoint Protection 11
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Date Created: 11/07/2007

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