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print this documentDocument ID:2008100612252748
Last Modified:06/28/2010

Proactive Threat Protection in a Symantec Endpoint Protection client is disabled in client user interface and "Event ID 74 TruScan has generated an error: code 14: description: CAL Failure" shows in the Windows Application log

Situation:The Symantec Endpoint Protection client user interface displays a red status at the top of the Window stating "Proactive Threat Protection is disabled." Proactive Threat Protection in the product list displays as "Off" and "Waiting for updates."

Solution:A new Eraser Engine update was made available on 11/19/08 to address this issue. Please run LiveUpdate and ensure all affected clients receive the Eraser Engine Update. To verify the update has been provided to a Symantec Endpoint Protection client the Eraser Engine version can be verified under Help and Support>Troubleshooting>Versions. The Eraser Engine version containing the update is version 7077890.262147.

print this documentDocument ID:2008100612252748
Last Modified:06/28/2010

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Product(s): Endpoint Protection 11
Operating Systems(s): Windows XP Professional Edition
Date Created: 10/06/2008

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