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print this documentDocument ID:2004120915064063
Last Modified:03/03/2005

How to obtain thread dump of Tomcat

Situation:While troubleshooting a problem with the Brightmail Control Center or Quarantine, a thread dump of Tomcat is requested.

A Symantec Brightmail product is installed:
--Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam 6.0.x
--Symantec Brightmail 6.0

Solution:The following sections provide steps on obtaining a thread dump for troubleshooting.

To create a thread dump of Tomcat in Microsoft® Windows®
  1. In Control Panel, click Administrative Tools > Services.
  2. Right-click the Tomcat service, and then click Stop.
  3. Open a command prompt, and change to the following directory:

    cd c:\Program Files\Symantec\SBAS\ControlCenter\Tomcat\jakarta-tomcat-4.1.27\bin

  4. Type the following command:

    catalina.bat start

  5. Change the buffers size for the newly created DOS window to 200 characters wide and at least 5000 lines in height.
  6. When the problem occurs again, press Ctrl+Break.
    A thread dump is created for all running threads. This does not terminate the process.
  7. Wait from three to five minutes, and then press Ctrl+Break to start a new thread dump.
    You should have several thread dumps for analysis.
  8. After five minutes press Ctrl+Break to start a new thread dump.

To create a thread dump of Tomcat in UNIX or Linux
  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. Type the following command to stop the Tomcat service:

    /etc/init.d/tomcat4 stop

  3. Redirect the screen output to a file.
  4. Type the following command (it is a single command, but it is broken up here for readability):

    /opt/symantec/sbas/ControlCenter/jre/bin/java -Xmx384M
    -Dcatalina.home=/opt/symantec/sbas/ControlCenter/Tomcat/jakarta-tomcat-4.1.27 org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap start

  5. When the problem occurs, press Ctrl+\.
    This creates a thread dump for all running threads and where in the code the threads are. This will not terminate the process.
  6. Wait five minutes, and then press Ctrl+\ again to obtain another thread dump.
    You should create a few thread dumps three to five minutes apart. This helps determine where the thread is hung.

Technical Information:Think of thread dumps as pstacks against a process. Thread dump is only possible if the Tomcat process was started manually, so you must stop the service, start it manually, and wait for the problem to occur again.

print this documentDocument ID:2004120915064063
Last Modified:03/03/2005

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Product(s): Symantec Brightmail 6.0, Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam 6.0.x
Operating Systems(s): Red Hat Enteprise Linux AS 3.0, Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 3.0, Solaris 8.0, Solaris 9.0, Windows 2000 Server (SP2), Windows 2000 Advanced Server (SP2), Windows Server 2003 Standard Edtion, Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edtion
Date Created: 12/09/2004

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