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Where to get information about or report Cyber Crime or virus writers

Last Updated on: November 17, 2004 08:44:49 AM GMT

There are many Web sites that have information on hackers, virus writers, and other cyber criminals. Some sites may allow you to file reports of suspected criminal acts.

Some of the sites are:

This site has many links, and is a good resource for information on this subject.

This is the FBI site, which allows you to file reports of suspected criminal acts.

This group has been around since 1995, and their main focus is safety on the Internet.

AOL customers can email AOL at this address.

NOTE: These Web sites are subject to change without notice. The links are provided as a convenience only and do not imply that Symantec endorses, recommends, or accepts any responsibility for the content.

Revision History:

September 25, 2003: Changed the URL to point to The previous name was Cyberangels.

Write-up by: George Koris